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Pythia and Aristocles
From Delphi the Dreamer


Everyone sometimes dreams of being someone else.  However, when Delphi meets Plato in the Agora to show him the new mirror she has bought, she decides to make this dream into a reality.  What if she wasn’t Delphi at all, but a girl named Pythia?  When she discovers her friend’s real name isn’t even Plato, he gets dragged into her daring plan too.  What if she was an adult?  And what if, dare she think it, she was a boy?    Imagination and self-discovery combine as Delphi and Plato try and work out, exactly, who they are.

This download consists of the Pythia and Aristocles enquiry from Delphi the Dreamer.


This lesson is about personal identity, where three different factors are explored – a person’s name, their appearance and their gender.  Pupils are asked to consider each one in turn, as Delphi and Plato try changing these things about themselves to explore what life would be like.  This is a fun and engaging way of exploring questions about identity, and like many enquiries in Delphi the Dreamer, the intention is to show children that this is a complicated question that can’t be easily reduced to one idea. &n