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The Ring
From Delphi the Philosopher


A person only does the wrong thing if they don't know what is right - at least, according to a mysterious note that Delphi receives one morning.  Could it be from Socrates?  But even stranger is the golden ring that comes with it.  When Delphi tries it on, she quickly realises that knowing what is right and wrong might be much more complicated than she thought...

This download consists of The Ring enquiry from Delphi the Philosopher.


This lesson is a philosophical enquiry about ethics.  The children will investigate the idea of moral responsibility by considering different situations – firstly, what they would do if there were no punishments for acting badly and then what they would do with super powers.  This enquiry will lead children through making a distinction between what they ‘would’ and ‘should’ do, and then to seeing the difficulty of knowing what the right thing to do is.  The skills focus is on using ‘if’ to think of examples to support their ideas about these questions.


  • The full colour e-book of The Ring from Delphi the Philosopher, including guidance notes for teachers throughout.
  • Detailed lesson plan.
  • The Delphi Philosophy Enquiry Guide, a quick-start guide to teaching with Delphi Philosophy.
  • Picture slideshow, including all the questions and hand drawn and painted colour illustrations.
  • All the sentence stems ready to print off for your classroom.


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