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From Delphi the Philosopher


Time is running out for Socrates and Delphi is getting desperate.  And why had all these strange things started happening to her?  If anyone could help it would be the gods.  Surely, they can do anything.  Can't they?

This download consists of the Zeus enquiry from Delphi the Philosopher.


This lesson challenges children to start thinking about philosophical problems in more abstract rather than concrete terms.  This is achieved by developing children’s logical thinking through attempting some philosophical puzzles.  The lesson uses the mind mapping technique to help children unpick the word ‘free’ and what its potential limits are – revisiting and developing the mind map through the lesson.  The chapter also references some famous arguments about the nature of God from medieval philosophy – the idea of creating an immoveable boulder and the problem of free will – within the context of the Greek gods.


  • The full colour e-book of Zeus from Delphi the Philosopher, including guidance notes for teachers throughout.
  • Detailed lesson plan.
  • The Delphi Philosophy Enquiry Guide, a quick-start guide to teaching with Delphi Philosophy.
  • Picture slideshow, including all the questions and hand drawn and painted colour illustrations.
  • All the sentence stems ready to print off for your classroom.
  • Examples of pupil work.


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Zeus - Enquiry Pack

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