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Chapter 1
The Dream

When human beings wake up, their brains immediately launch into some very important questions. This can happen very quickly, and we often don’t remember we’ve asked them.

Question one: Who am I?  This is a perfectly normal question to ask in that split second after waking up.  The answer sometimes isn’t obvious.  I’m Delphi, thought Delphi.

Question two: Where am I?  The brain wants to sort this out as quickly as possible too.  I’m at home, Delphi thought.  In the front room by the fire.

Question three: Is this real or am I still dreaming?  This one can be tricky.

In this mind-bending story, Delphi sets out to prove that she is no longer dreaming.  But this turns out to be much more difficult than she imagined – especially when a masked stranger keeps appearing and offering her a wager – one that could cost even her soul.


Big Questions:

  • What questions could you ask about dreams?

  • Is Delphi definitely awake?  Can you be sure?

  • What is real?


Skills focus:

  • asking questions to explore an idea

  • justifying my opinion

  • recognising when I am not sure or have changed my mind


Lesson Overview

This lesson was written to get the story off to fast and exciting start, with lots of twists and surprising moments. The focus of the lesson should be on engaging with the story first and foremost.  It introduces many of the big questions in the rest of Delphi the Dreamer – about what is real, what makes a person who they are and about proof and doubt.  The initial discussions are intended to practice basic philosophy skills, which will be very familiar to children if they have already completed Delphi the Philosopher, or a great way to introduce them.  There is also an opportunity to capture the children’s initial ideas in a pre-unit assessment task.

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