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What Makes Delphi Special?

  • By taking your class through a story and discussing the questions within it, children will learn and practise their listening, questioning, reasoning and explaining skills.  You’ll likely see an impact in all areas of the curriculum and it could potentially transform the quality of your whole class discussions.

  • Philosophy sessions are built into a class novel which leads children through a range of philosophical questions and puzzles.  The story offers a visual, fun and engaging way of modelling reasoning, presenting challenges, setting up activities and much more besides!

  • We believe good philosophy teaching is simply good teaching and learning – and any teacher can learn to do it.  It can be as easy to start as picking up the story and reading it to your class!

  • You can take as flexible approach to the materials as you need to!  Whether you are looking for a full scheme of work, or you just want an interesting way of finishing the day with a class novel, Delphi Philosophy is intended to help your class develop their thinking skills.

  • Clear assessment tools are used to identify the children’s progress.  Our resources give you clear learning objectives and observable criteria to measure the progress children make in their thinking skills, so you can have confidence in what you are achieving.

  • Access high quality resources to support your teaching – including the class novels themselves, hundreds of hand drawn illustrations, slideshows, lesson plans, expert guidance and teaching resources.


  • Delphi's story isn't just for teachers - Delphi Philosophy stories are also enjoyed as an introduction to philosophy for older children or as a fun bedtime story for your little big-thinkers!


Delphi and Dog

Delphi Philosophy can transform your children's thinking

Who is Delphi?

Delphi portrait

Delphi is a young girl who lives in Ancient Greece at the time of the famous philosophers.  The stories follow her adventures as she encounters philosophers like Socrates, and with her friend Plato, investigates many famous philosophical questions and puzzles.  Through her story we encounter these big questions and learn to respond with our own ideas.  By the end, we will have followed Delphi on a journey to become philosophers together – learning the importance of thinking for ourselves and the skills needed to do it well.

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