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Delphi the Dreamer: Home Version

For independent readers, parents/carers and home-schoolers.


“All you have to do is find something that’s real.  Then you win.”

This is the story of when a girl named Delphi met a demon.
But don’t worry.  Delphi, if you haven’t met her before, is not someone who is usually scared of things like demons, monsters or grownups.  In fact, she is the most determined of creatures, a nine-year-old girl, and like a lot of children, has a talent for arguing, asking questions and generally being difficult.

She has already in her short life, growing up in a district near the centre of Athens, met gods, monsters and, worst of all, adults who think they should teach her things.  Some of them have even been famous philosophers – people who seek out wisdom by asking unanswerable questions.  But she has never met anything quite like a demon.  So perhaps we should worry… just a little bit.

Join Delphi on this next philosophical adventure for children (following Delphi the Philosopher), as she meets the Demon’s challenge and tackles some of the most famous philosophical puzzles in history.  With her friend Plato to help her, surely she can overcome any trap or cunning argument the Demon can set her… can’t she?  Learn how to use logic, ask big questions and understand famous philosophical ideas to prove that even when everything can be doubted, there is still every reason to believe.

A wonderful resource for parents/carers or home schools keen to develop children's thinking skills, or for independently reading children looking for big ideas and big laughs!



  • The full colour e-book of Delphi the Dreamer, containing the complete story, with all the questions and over 250 hand drawn and painted illustrations.

  • Includes a special introduction for children and grown-ups.

  • Also includes a special 'About the Authors' section - written by two young philosophers!

  • Presented in a larger font and with larger pictures for easy reading on a tablet.

Delphi the Dreamer: Home Version

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