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The River
From Delphi the Dreamer


It’s a well-known fact that you can’t step in the same river twice.  Well known that is, to everyone except Delphi, who is fairly sure you can step in the same river twice if you splash around fast enough.  However, when she is challenged by a naiad, a local river spirit, Delphi starts to think it might be a bit more complicated than that…  She better think quickly too, otherwise she could turn out to be in deep trouble.  Delphi takes on a philosophical classic, and faces her demons, in this lively, yet dangerous tale.

This download consists of the The River enquiry from Delphi the Dreamer.


This lesson is based around the philosopher Heraclitus’ famous claim that it is impossible to step in the same river twice.  This is explored in a practical way, where you can literally make a river using buckets of water for the children to literally try to step into twice.  This helps children find the objection that the river is constantly changing.  The learning of this session is focused on logical consequence, initially with a thought experiment about what would else would be true if Delphi was a bird (she would have wings, because all birds have wings, but would she definitely be able to fly?).  This use of the ‘It would be true because’ sentence stem is then practiced in the context of the river, and leads to the children arguing in abstract terms about change and identity.  This challenging but fun enquiry is shorter than others, to give time during a lesson to go outside and make a river!


  • The full colour e-book of The River from Delphi the Dreamer, including guidance notes for teachers throughout.
  • Detailed lesson plan.
  • The newly updated Delphi Philosophy Enquiry Guide, a quick-start guide to teaching with Delphi Philosophy.
  • Picture slideshow, including all the questions and hand drawn and painted colour illustrations.
  • All the sentence stems and other resources ready to print off for your classroom.


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The River - Enquiry Pack

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