Chapter 10


“You can disagree with everything I’ve ever said.  Because to be a philosopher is to think for yourself.  To think the thoughts that other people perhaps don’t want you to think.  It is to be free.  And I truly believe it is the best way I could have lived my life.”

Delphi finally gets to speak to Socrates face to face - but what can she say?  Isn't there any way of saving him?  Their conversation will last long in Delphi's memory - and show her what it might really mean to be a philosopher.


Big Questions:

  • How important is doing philosophy?

  • What is the best kind of life?

  • What makes a philosopher?


Skills focus:

  • Explaining a philosophical argument

  • Responding to philosophical arguments

  • Evaluating what we've learned

Lesson Overview

This story comes at the end of the full scheme of work and so can be taught over one or two lessons depending on the amount of assessment desired.  This lesson, or these lessons, gives the children an opportunity to analyse a philosophical debate and then take up these ideas to debate between themselves.  The aim should be to consolidate all the skills developed through all their philosophy lessons, and so is best delivered once the children have developed skills in other lessons.  If taught over two sessions, the first lesson will tell the story and let the children debate the death of Socrates, while the second session provides an opportunity to reflect on the story as a whole and capture evidence of progress.

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