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Being a true child of the city, Delphi was naturally suspicious of the countryside.  It seemed a very backward place, where the people were happy to spend their lives in the slow growing of grain or tending of goats.  It seemed a very boring life to Delphi – a life without the Agora, the Assembly or the theatre.

Occasionally, the men would come to the city for their duty in the courts, or to join in a festival, and they seemed overwhelmed and uncivilised compared to the locals.  The outside children were the worst.  They didn’t even show her the proper respect that befitted a real daughter of Athens.

Delphi made a point of avoiding the countryside at all costs.

Not that she got much opportunity.  She had heard of the other cities. Mighty and barbarous Sparta, who had warred against Athens for years.  Thebes, where Hercules was said to be from.  Not to mention Delphi of course, where there was the Oracle.  Men got to perhaps see these cities when they joined the army, but of course, she couldn’t do that.

Transport between cities in Greece was very rare and very dangerous.  Most people lived and died in the area they were born – especially girls like Delphi.  Had she known about the dramatic coastlines, soaring mountains and shimmering lakes then maybe she would have liked the idea of travel more.  But probably not.