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Delphi watched the men of the Assembly argue for a while.  They didn’t seem to be getting anywhere.

Democracy was a terrible idea, Delphi thought.  It was just all the other ideas were worse.

She could see the flaws with it easily.  The problem, as she saw it, was that there were an awful lot of stupid men in the world.  The good thing about democracy was that it stopped just one stupid man making all the decisions, but the bad thing was that 500 stupid men weren’t much better.  Particularly as they would inevitably find 500 different ways to be stupid about things, and waste a lot of time trying to work out whose idea was the least stupid out of all the stupid ideas.  

The best solution would obviously be to have one not-stupid man in charge.  Delphi had heard about Pericles, and he sounded like he knew what he was doing.  He rebuilt the Parthenon and had led the city to wealth and prosperity.  So democracy worked as long as you had a good ruler, prepared to make the correct decisions, so you could ignore the democracy bit.
Or maybe they could do with something to balance out the sheer number of stupid men.

Like by including women, for example.