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Delphi stepped out of the shadow of the temple of Artemis and moved around the side, towards the edge.  The view across the city was beautiful – she could see the Pnyx, where the Assembly met, and the buildings in the Agora catching the sunlight. 

The Parthenon stood before her, trying its best to be impressive.  

Delphi had never really thought it was impressive.  Why would she?  She had seen it every single day of her life.  It was visible from just about everywhere in the city.  But up close, she couldn’t help but wonder how they had managed to build it.  Someone had once told her that there were no straight lines on the Parthenon – everything was slightly curved to make it look even taller than it really was.  She had barely ever given it a thought, but here – she felt almost scared by it.  

All right.  It was perhaps a bit impressive, she admitted to herself.

She knew that inside would be the statue to Athena, said to be the largest in the city.  She wondered how Athena felt, everyone being able to see your house all day, every day.  Delphi wasn’t sure she’d like that.

Slowly, convinced she would be caught at any second, Delphi approached the mighty columns.  Her heart pounding rapidly, she found an open door, took a glimpse inside and gasped.  The statue was enormous.  It had ivory skin and was dressed in gold.

She backed away, terrified.  Getting in trouble with the priests was one thing but getting in trouble with Athena was something entirely different.