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“Myrtis!”  Delphi pushed her way through the crowds and tried to catch up with her friend.
The girl looked behind her, saw Delphi, and frowned.

“What?  I’ve got to go up to the temple,” said Myrtis.  Delphi tried to smile at her, but she was a bit out of breath from the climb, so it looked a bit scarier than she meant it to.

“I know.  I’m coming with you!”

Myrtis narrowed her eyes at her.  She’d known Delphi long enough to smell trouble when it came running up to her.

“Why?  You’ve never wanted to before…” Myrtis said.  That was true.  Delphi never really thought about the Acropolis.  It was just there, like the Sun and the sea and the mountains. She’d only just found out that not every city had one. Delphi ignored her question and set off walking again, following the path up towards the Propylaia, the gateway to the top of the Acropolis.

Both girls kept their mouths shut as they climbed the stairs, Delphi trying to look dignified and holy, and Myrtis trying to look like she didn’t know Delphi.  They passed the tiny temple to Athena Nike on their right and walked through the archway.  There was a priest standing under the archway who nodded at Myrtis and looked quizzically at Delphi.  Luckily, he didn’t say anything.  They walked past without a word.

Delphi grinned. She had made it in.

“Thanks, Myrtis.” Delphi whispered.  “I won’t get in any trouble, I swear!”  Myrtis took one last look at her and ran away as fast as possible.