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Delphi strained her eyes against the sun reflecting on the sea and tried to work out where the docks at Piraeus were.

Delphi had always liked Piraeus.  She didn’t have much reason to go there, it being several miles away from the centre of Athens on the coast, but it was in many ways the reason for Athens’ wealth and prosperity.  From Piraeus you could get on a boat and go anywhere in the world.  Traders and visitors came from across the world to step off a boat in Piraeus before heading to the city.  It was so important that Athens had even stretched their city walls all the way out to the docks, in an enormous stone hug.

As it was not true-Athens, Piraeus was a place that was much more accommodating to foreigners and non-citizens.  Delphi was always fascinated by them.  Some of them wore outlandish clothes or spoke with strange and confusing accents and languages.  However, all of them had one thing in common when they arrived and that was the need for a decent bed, a half-decent meal and not at all decent company.

Delphi’s father hardly ever took her to Piraeus.  It was not a place for children, he said.  This, of course, had the effect of making Delphi want to go there as soon as possible.