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Delphi shuffled across the little bridge over the river and emerged on the main road, which was busy with travellers.

Delphi liked this part of the Kerameikos.  It had little of the dignity or seriousness of the graveyards and sculpture of much of the rest of the place.  It was close to the Dipylon Gate, where travellers would quench their thirst at the fountain after their long journey.  There were groups of men lounging in the shade, and groups of women chatting as they filled up their water jugs.  It was also close to the Pompeion, a large and lively building and a common haunt of the philosophers.

It felt right to Delphi, having so much life so close to death.

Death was a part of life in Athens – she knew that all too well.  Everybody in Athens did.  In recent years there had been wars, plagues and invasions.  It made you happy to be alive.  And sad too.

Still, it was raining.  Maybe she should find her dad.