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Delphi decided to stop in the shade of the enormous monument on the street corner.  It had suddenly become hot again.

She looked up at it, trying to work out what the pictures carved on the side were supposed to show.

Delphi sometimes wondered why the gods were so vain.  Did they really need all the statues, monuments and temples dedicated to them?  It seemed they did – after all, the stories were full of examples where the gods had taken offence at some perceived insult.  And of course, the people were so terrified of offending the gods that they made sure there wasn’t even the slightest possibility of offense.  

Did all the prayers and sacrifices really make that much difference?  If the Lysikrates monument hadn’t have been built would the world really be a worse place?  Or would it just have less shade?  And if monuments didn’t really matter – then what was the point of religion really?