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Delphi and the Recovery Curriculum

Hi everybody,

It’s been a long time since our last update. The impact of the pandemic has meant we’ve had to change our plans quite a bit for this year, but we’ve also been busy developing new Delphi resources too. Now we’re looking forward to the new school year and keen to get back to taking children on philosophical adventures again. We hope you are all keeping safe and well, and are looking forward to the challenges that still lie ahead!

Delphi the Philosopher

Rebuild Learning Skills

Many schools are now looking at how they can welcome children back to school safely, support their mental wellbeing and start to rebuild their learning skills to catch up for their lost time in school. Delphi Philosophy can form an invaluable part of this. There are always many reasons to teach philosophy to children. In particular at this time, you will help children:

  • develop metacognition – one of the key ‘levers’ of the recovery curriculum, to develop a wide range of learning and life skills

  • rebuild their reading and comprehension skills as you share the storytelling adventure together

  • rebuild children’s communication and language skills

  • develop their reasoning and logical skills, which will support their mathematical understanding

  • develop the community of the class, learning respect for each other’s ideas

  • re-engage with the curriculum with a fun and engaging adventure!

Teaching philosophy to children this year will have more impact than ever so there’s never been a better time to introduce your children to Delphi.

Here’s a reminder of what we offer:

  • Our first full scheme of work for key stage 2, Delphi the Philosopher, includes eleven fully illustrated stories, with detailed lesson plans, slideshows, activities, resources and a teaching guide. The whole story is written so that children develop their listening, questioning, reasoning and explaining skills as they follow along. You can see all the lessons in action through our lessons blogs and see what children think of it with our videos. Download the whole scheme here for £50.

  • Enquiry Packs are a great way to try out a session with a class, or focus on one particular topic or theme. You can download each pack, containing the story, slideshow, lesson plan, resources and guide for just £5 each. Browse our Enquiry Store here.

  • The Home Version of Delphi the Philosopher is an ideal resource if you are home educating. Download the whole story, with bonus content unique to this edition, for just £10.

  • Delphi’s Guide to Athens is a completely free website for children, packed with stories, illustrations, photos, big questions and facts. Perfect if you are doing a Greek topic, or for discussions, an interactive class novel or independent work in school or at home.

Reading Delphi

Over the next year, we are planning to add plenty more resources – including a second full scheme of work for upper key stage 2, new enquiry packs, a special enquiry about learning to learn, and beginning our series of picture books for key stage 1 - and there will be even more to follow! Once things settle down a bit, we will be asking for help to trial new resources, as well as sharing some great teaching and learning advice, so keep an eye out for future e-mails.

If you’re interested in some grown-up philosophical conversations too, you might be interested in After Dinner Conversation - They have a huge range of short stories available which are sure to generate a few late night debates! They also offer a virtual book club, podcasts and accept submissions for stories so is well worth a look.

That’s all for today! We wish you a very positive next few months, to you and your little philosophers.

All the best,

Dave and Rosie.

Delphi Philosophy.


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