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Delphi meets the gods in our huge site update

Hi everyone,

It’s the start of a new school year here in the UK – and one that has obviously started in sad circumstances with the death of Her Majesty the Queen last week. It was a very strange day on Friday, but what a responsibility it is to help children witness and understand history in the making.

Anyway – on to happier tidings!

Delphi the Dreamer

The gods have arrived in Athens!

Delphi’s Guide to Athens has just had its first HUGE update!

The Olympian gods have been added to our interactive storytelling, history and philosophy website for children. For each god, there is a new original story of Delphi meeting them (and usually getting into an argument), wonderful new illustrations from Rosie, all sorts of facts and stories from Greek mythology and history – and, of course, a big question inspired by their outrageous behaviour!

The rest of the site has also had a major update, making it easier to navigate and find what you need. All the new updates can be accessed from the homepage, or you can treat the site like a choose your own adventure story and explore Athens with Delphi to see where the gods are hiding! In the classroom, the site can be used for all sorts of things across the curriculum, from interactive story times, to reading comprehension, history research, mythology writing prompts, inspiration for art projects and much more.

Visit Delphi’s Guide to Athens here to see what it could add to your curriculum this year – or just to start your adventure!

These are only the first gods to meet Delphi. There are many more to come - so you can look forward to much more regular updates from us from now on.

The Dream - on YouTube!

Speaking of regular updates, we have also put together the first video from Delphi the Dreamer, our second full story and scheme of work. ‘The Dream’ is our brain-melting storytelling adventure which introduces children to big questions in metaphysics and identity – and is the perfect way to start developing children’s thinking skills.

The complete set of resources, including the scheme of work for 9-14 year olds, can also be downloaded in full from our website now – click here to find out more. More videos will be added before too long, and don’t forget you can also watch all of our first story, Delphi the Philosopher, on YouTube here!

It’s been fantastic to welcome new members to the Delphi Philosophy site over the summer. All of your support means the world, and we sincerely hope the resources are providing good experiences for your learners. We’d really love to hear what people are doing with our stories – so please let us know your stories of using the resources on our member’s area forum or by contacting us. Every comment or new download makes our day. It’s very difficult for two full time teachers to have the time to tell the world about what we have made – so please do spread the word about our project if you are able to.

Don’t forget you can get everything we have to offer in developing children’s thinking by becoming a site member. That’s now 2 full schemes of work, around 25 lessons and 60 stories and enquiries of various lengths - and more than 500 illustrations! Everything you need to build your children's thinking skills - and give them a really memorable learning experience.

We’ll be back soon - Hades won’t be too far behind his Olympian rivals!

Wishing you all the very best for the school year.

Dave and Rosie

Delphi Philosophy


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