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Delphi Philosophy at Home

Hi everybody,

Well, a lot has changed since our last update! We hope you are all keeping safe and well, and coping with these strange and difficult times. The coronavirus outbreak has closed our schools and changed some of our plans, but we are trying to use all this time at home to keep developing new Delphi resources too. We hope you’re managing to keep your little ones entertained during these long days!

Delphi the Philosopher

In this time of home-schooling, the Delphi Philosophy website has lots of resources to help your children get thinking and build their learning and reasoning skills with some fun storytelling at home.

Delphi the Philosopher - Home Version

Available on our Enquiry Store, the Home Version of Delphi the Philosopher contains the complete story of how our favourite young philosopher Delphi met the famous Socrates. This version contains all eleven chapters, plus lots of bonus content including information pages and additional illustrations. This is a wonderful opportunity for adults and children to read the story together at home, discuss the questions and develop their thinking skills together. This format is specially put together to be easy to read on tablets and on other devices and offers hours of fun storytelling and big conversations. During this period of school closure, we are happy to say you can download the entire book for just £10. That’s under £1 for each story!

If you’d like to find out more, you can explore the Delphi the Philosopher pages of our website. You can even listen to the entire story of The Perfect Bedroom for free here. This story is all about the time when Delphi got whatever she wanted for her bedroom – but couldn’t go outside. Exploring themes of happiness and freedom, this is a perfect story for the times and might help children explore some of their thoughts about having to stay inside at the moment!

Delphi's Guide to Athens

Reading Delphi

This free, interactive resource for children is a fantastic resource to give to children who are working from home. Packed with stories, illustrations, photos, facts and big questions, Delphi’s Guide to Athens brings Ancient Greece to life in a fun and accessible format for children. Teachers might also want to base some tasks on this website to give to children – you can find a big list of ideas for how to use the site here.

We also now have a printable version of Delphi’s Guide to Athens available. We were going to distribute this to schools who have registered their interest in trialling new resources, but obviously now isn’t really the time. However, if a printable version would be useful to you, please Contact Us and I can send you a copy free of charge if you're happy to provide some feedback on your experiences using the resource.

We were hoping to share some other new resources for trialling this year, but it’s now looking like this will have to wait until September. We may not have many updates over the next few months, however you can keep up to date with us by following our Facebook and Twitter pages. You might also want to follow the Illustrations by Rosie page, to see more of the wonderful work she’s producing at the moment.

We are busy working on the follow up to Delphi the Philosopher, as well as other new enquiries, so we hope you’ll look forward to seeing these in the future!

Wishing you good health and best wishes.

Dave and Rosie.

Delphi Philosophy.


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