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Delphi's Guide to Athens - Coming Soon!

Hi everyone,

The summer holiday has finally arrived after a very busy couple of months at school for us – and so it’s time to get to work on some new Delphi resources for you! In addition to Delphi the Philosopher – our full scheme of work and story to introduce children to philosophy – we have a few more exciting resources coming soon!


Delphi’s Guide to Athens

We’re delighted to announce our first free teaching and learning resource is coming! Delphi’s Guide to Athens is a tour around the ancient city of Athens, led by our favourite young philosopher. This interactive online resource will include new short stories, facts, photos, drawings and big questions about all the important locations in Athens. This makes it a perfect resource for:

  • Child-friendly research about what life in Athens was like. The stories and facts give lots of information to build up children’s understanding of what it was like to live in Ancient Athens and will be a great resource for any class learning about the Ancient Greeks.

  • Philosophy discussions or enquiries. There are all sorts of questions that Delphi thinks of as she wonders around the city – and each one could be a great philosophy enquiry, or they can be combined into a series of lessons.

  • Information about the famous buildings in the city. This might help you on a project about Ancient Greece, or even a great way to prepare for a visit to Athens yourself!

  • Having fun exploring the city, looking for hidden secrets and learning more about the world of Delphi the Philosopher.

We’re currently hard at work writing and drawing, and we’re aiming for Delphi’s Guide to Athens to launch later this summer. This will be the first step in our child-friendly section of the site, which will keep growing in the future!

Delphi and Plato in a shop

Delphi Enquiries

We’re planning on expanding our store this summer too! You’ll soon be able to purchase the individual chapters from Delphi the Philosopher to use as stand-alone short stories. This is perfect if you’d like to get started teaching a couple of Delphi enquiries or if you’re interested in a particular topic. For just a few pounds, you’ll be able to download:

  • The chapter, with illustrations and guidance notes alongside the text for easy teaching

  • The lesson slideshow to display the pictures and questions to the children

  • The lesson plan

  • Any resources you need

  • A short guide to teaching with Delphi

This is just the beginning of developing our library of Delphi resources. We can’t wait to bring you even more in the future!

Delphi the Philosopher now available!

Don’t forget if you’re planning for next year and looking for a full scheme of work to introduce philosophy to children, you can download Delphi the Philosopher now. Or if you want to keep your children’s brains active over the summer, you can download the Home Version of Delphi the Philosopher for lots of big questions, ideas and silly jokes.

We hope you have a fantastic summer break (if you’re in the same part of the world as we are!) and we hope you’re looking forward to seeing more of Delphi soon!

Dave Whitney

Delphi Philosophy


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