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'The Perfect Bedroom' now available!

Hi everybody,

Well, here it comes – the first story from Delphi the Philosopher is now available online! We’re very excited to finally show you what our stories and resources are like.

After a bit of dithering about which one to give you (we like them all), we’ve decided to share a story called ‘The Perfect Bedroom’. Although Delphi the Philosopher has an overall story, most chapters stand alone perfectly well too – and this is a great example of that. It’s a really fun story, with some big philosophy questions about freedom and happiness - and Rosie’s drawings are glorious (and I can say that as her biggest admirer!). As a lesson, it also teaches an important step in the development of the children’s thinking skills, as it takes children from concrete to abstract discussions by considering different ways of interpreting the questions. In short, it’s a great example of what a Delphi story is like. We really hope you enjoy it!

To get it, all you have to do is sign up to the newsletter. You’ll get an e-mail with a link and a password for you to access the document for you to download or print. If you’ve already signed up, then check your Inbox for your link!

Once you’ve had a read, please let us know what you think of it! Delphi Philosophy is now being trialed in several schools and your feedback is invaluable. Remember this is just a taster of the full set of resources for Delphi the Philosopher – which will be available before this summer.

In other news, word continues to spread about us – thank you to everybody for every retweet, share or ‘hey, you might like this…’ message. Particular thanks to Joana Rita Sousa who asked for an interview for her blog. You can read some of my thoughts on philosophy for children here. She has gathered a wonderful collection of philosophy for children interviews and it makes me ludicrously happy to be featured alongside other philosophy for children practitioners from around the world – not least Peter Worley, who taught me so much when I was starting out and who has also been in touch!

Please keep spreading the word to anyone who might be interested – particularly if you enjoy the story. Don’t forget – join the mailing list here.

Happy reading!


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