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Delphi hated having baths.  She would have to sit in the bath in her front room and shiver.  The water was always freezing.  She’d tried to persuade her dad she could go to a bath house instead, but he was having none of it.

The idea of the bath house was just starting to take off in Greece.  Usually, people just had the occasional bath at home, but bath houses were slowly starting to spring up around the city, particularly near the gymnasia or temples.  Visiting one was seen as a bit wussy though – your average Greek thought cold water was good enough.  Hot water would make you soft.

Delphi disagreed – especially in the middle of winter where it was worth a few coins to get a nice warm bath.  But the one thing about being a girl was that it didn’t matter if people thought you were a bit girly.  Delphi hoped the idea would spread a bit more so she got to go and try it.