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​​​​​​​Delphi the Philosopher - Now available to download!

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Delphi the Philosopher

The moment has finally arrived – we are delighted to tell you that Delphi the Philosopher, our first philosophy for children resource, is available to purchase and download now!

See for yourself here.

This is obviously a very special event for us – we’ve poured hundreds of hours into making our resources as good as they can possibly be, and we couldn’t be happier with the way they’ve turned out. In case, you need a reminder, here’s why we think Delphi is a little bit special:

  • By taking your children through the story and discussing the questions within it, children will learn and practise their listening, questioning, reasoning and explaining skills. You’ll likely see an impact in all areas of their learning and it could potentially transform the quality of your discussions.

  • Philosophy sessions are built into a story which leads children through a range of philosophical questions and puzzles. The story offers a visual, fun and engaging way of modelling reasoning, presenting challenges, setting up activities and much more besides!

  • We believe good philosophy teaching is simply good teaching and learning – and anyone can learn to do it. It can be as easy to start as picking up the story and reading it out loud!

  • You can take as flexible approach to the materials as you need to! Whether you are looking for a full scheme of work, a bedtime story, or anything in between, Delphi Philosophy is intended to help children develop their thinking skills.

  • Teachers can use clear assessment tools to identify the children’s progress. Our resources give you clear learning objectives and observable criteria to measure the progress children make in their thinking skills, so you can have confidence in what you are achieving.

  • Access high quality resources – including the novel itself, over a hundred and fifty hand drawn illustrations, slideshows, lesson plans, expert guidance and teaching resources.

After your feedback, we’ve put together two versions of Delphi the Philosopher, and as a special thank you for your support, we're taking 25% off for our first customers. Here’s what we're offering:

Delphi the Philosopher: School Version: (for teachers and school leaders)

Available for a limited time for £60 (25% off!)

You will receive:

  • The full colour 148 page e-book of Delphi the Philosopher, including guidance notes for teachers throughout and a Quick Start guide.

  • Detailed lesson plans for each chapter to enable you to teach the full term's scheme of work (for age 7+).

  • The Delphi Philosophy Teacher's Guide, containing guidance on best practice in teaching philosophy and the skills progression framework to enable you to assess progress.

  • Picture slideshows for every chapter, including all the questions and over 150 hand drawn and painted colour illustrations.

  • The sentence stems and other display materials ready to print off for your classroom.

  • Examples of pupil work from throughout the scheme.

  • Lesson resources and additional illustrations - including a 'How to Draw Delphi' guide!

  • Free updates to the Delphi the Philosopher scheme for life!

Delphi the Philosopher: Home Version: (for parents, home schoolers and independent readers)

Available for a limited time for £15 (25% off!)

You will receive:

  • The full colour e-book of Delphi the Philosopher, containing the complete story, with all the questions and hand drawn and painted colour illustrations.

  • Includes a special introduction for parents and children - and extra pages on 'The True Story of Delphi the Philosopher' (exclusive to this version).

  • Also includes a special 'About the Authors' section - written by two young philosophers!

  • Presented in a larger font and with larger pictures for easy reading on a tablet.

In other news, you might have noticed the website has had a bit of an update to accommodate our new shop. We’ve also updated our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

You can also check out a special blog post about my recent trip to Athens here – where you can learn some of the real history behind Delphi’s story!

We really hope you are able to make use of Delphi the Philosopher – and we can’t wait to hear your feedback. Please do also tell anyone you know who may be interested about us.

Thanks again for joining us on this adventure! Go take a look to get started!

Dave and Rosie Delphi Philosophy.


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