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New Year, New Prices, New Video, New Blog!

Happy New Year from Delphi Philosophy!

We have a lot planned for Delphi in 2020, and we already have some exciting updates for you.

Delphi the Philosopher

New Lower Prices!

After a great deal of thought, we’ve decided to reduce the price of the Delphi the Philosopher scheme and enquiry packs for 2020. Creating Delphi is a labour of love for us and we want as many children as possible to be able to access these resources, while also reflecting the amount of work we’ve put into creating them. We also use this money to help cover the costs of running the website and store. We hope these new prices get the balance right!

You can now download the entire Delphi the Philosopher scheme for just £50, and you can download each Enquiry Pack for just £4.99! That means for less than a fiver, you can download the first two enquiries in our Trial of Socrates Enquiry Pack – and get your money back if you decide to then go on to purchase the full scheme.

Now’s a great time to try Delphi for yourself – browse our Enquiry Store here!

If you’ve already been teaching with Delphi, we’d love to know how you’re getting on!

New Video!

Have you visited our home page recently? Now you can watch a special video made with the children at two schools who tell us why they enjoy doing Delphi Philosophy so much. It’s a great introduction to what we’re all about (and features a terrific range of Christmas jumpers). Check it out and look out for the video to share on Facebook and Twitter too!

New Lesson Blogs!

Reading Delphi

Our series of lesson blogs continues, with the latest one showcasing how the children got on with the Miletus enquiry. The series of blogs features videos from the lessons, as well as pictures and quotes from the children, so give a real insight into what a Delphi lesson is like and the progress the children make. Keep an eye out for the final two blogs over the next few weeks!

We hope you have a wonderful and thought-provoking 2020! We’re hard at work with new resources already, so you’ll be hearing plenty more from us.

Happy New Year,

Dave and Rosie.

Delphi Philosophy


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