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Springtime Updates from Delphi

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Hi again and happy World Book Day!

It’s been a busy term for us at school, but we’re also hard at work developing the next set of Delphi resources! We have a few updates for you.

Delphi the Philosopher

Complete Set of Lesson Blogs Now Online

Back in September, we began an epic series of lesson blogs, where we recorded what happened as we taught the full Delphi the Philosopher scheme with this year’s classes. The experience turned out to be a fantastic one – and we now have a complete record of teaching every lesson to two classes in different schools. The blogs contain a huge number of quotes, pictures and videos and show what an incredible experience teaching philosophy to children can be. Now, the final emotional chapter, Hemlock, is available for your reading and viewing pleasure, where Delphi finally comes face to face with Socrates.

This series of blogs as a whole showcase teaching philosophy to children in a completely unique, detailed and entertaining way – and we’ve become very proud of them, and of the children we were able to feature. It’s wonderful to be able to show the progress the children have made and share the experiences we’ve had. Thank you for all the positive feedback we’ve had about these blogs. If you haven’t checked them out yet, we’d certainly recommend giving them a try to get a great insight into what Delphi Philosophy is all about.

New Video: Highlights from Delphi the Philosopher!

Off the back of these lesson blogs, we’ve also been putting together a series of videos where the children explain what they think about doing Delphi Philosophy. You can find an overview ‘trailer’ on our home page, and an introduction to who Delphi is here. Our latest video shows the children describing their favourite moments of Delphi the Philosopher. Keep an eye out for the videos on our Twitter and Facebook pages too, and share them if you can!

Trial New Materials – Coming Soon!

Reading Delphi

We’ve got several new resources in the pipeline and we will need your help to develop them! Very soon, we’ll be contacting everyone who has registered their interest on the website with an offer of some free resources to trial. These will include resources around Delphi’s Guide to Athens, as well as brand new stories and enquiries which are in development. Want to get the resources first, for free and help us develop them? Register your interest here!

We’ve had some wonderful feedback about our work recently, and it’s fantastic to hear that we’ve been featured in some recent conferences for teachers. Please keep your feedback on what we’re doing coming in, especially if you’ve been teaching with Delphi yourself. We’d love to hear from you.

In the meantime, we’ll get back to our writing and drawing!

Dave and Rosie.

Delphi Philosophy.


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